Workin’ the Corner

Holy crap.  It’s been a while.  Like a long while.

Celebrating the winners!

Well I spent a good portion of the fall trying to shake the cobwebs outta my head and shoulder…It wasn’t as easy as I thought.  Corners don’t look the same anymore, which is a real shame because I enjoy workin’ the corners (not the Hastings and Princess kind), I’m

The Shenis

sure it’ll come back, I just need to be patient (which is tough when you’re as impulsive as I).  So, I’ve been spending some time gettin’ loose on the local pumptrack trying to remind my head that my body’s pretty good at riding a bike…most of the time.  And, aside from pumpin’ I’ve been frequenting some of the “pedally” trails the Shore, Pemberton and Squampton have to offer. Now…if you’ve known me for a while you’ll know that me taking on the pedalling world is monumental. Seriously – John Housser and Tom Thornton can attest the shit out of this.

White Pow!

Don’t fret though, I’m still very much in love with my DH bike.   I’ve had two races so far this year, FrostBIKE in Silverstar and the first “dirt” race of the year, the Coaster, both of which I secured the top spot on the box – hopefully a theme for the 2013 year.  And speaking of this year, I’ll be rocking a 2013 Glory frame.  After 3 incredible seasons, I managed to find a wee crack in my 2010 Glory and because Giant’s warranty program is bitchin’, I got a new frame and I’m pretty darn happy about that.  My original plan was a new bike for next year, but clearly thats not necessary now.  So, all the money I’m saving (in my economic world it’s more like I’m making money) by not purchasing a new bike I can spend it on badass components, midgets and acid (I’m just joking mom, I’m not that into midgets).  So, slowly I’ll be building up my dream bike and I’m pumped about it…

I’ve put a few rides on the new frame which is a little more slack and longer, making it a bit more agressive in the corners.  This just means I need to get my cornering skeletons sorted ASAP.  I also threw on some Saint brakes and shifter/derailleur – I had no idea shifting and braking were supposed to feel like that, I kind of wonder what else I’m missing out on (thanks for the help Steve)!

Not quite finished…but a sneak peak

Mandrew throwin’ dirt

So…ya bikes and bike life.  I spent some time slinging dirt on a few of the local mountains this winter, made a trip to Portland to ride the Lumberyard with some rad chicks (Team Danger Pony what!) and most recently I was selected to be Team BC’s MTB team manager for the Canada Summer Games, which will be pretty rad. I head out the first week of August to Sherbrooke, Que.  I’m pretty stoked because I really enjoy the managerial side of our amazing sport and I’m excited to be representin’ the West and supporting some of our up and coming rippers.  I’m also really pumped to put mon francaise to work…at this point in my language learning I can either pick up or start a fight (suis un homme!)…I feel like I’m going to fit right in.

So ya, the 2013 season is shaping up to be a goodie.  I’m heading to Williams Lake this Friday for the Peel Out and then to Kamloops the following weekend for the Unicorn, it’ll be nice to get some grassroots racing in before the BC Cup and Canada Cup (I’ll be missing the first one in Tremblant) kick off to get the bike all setup and my mind on track!

A big shout out to all my friends, family, and supporters who make sure my bikes not a roach, patch up my wounds, and push me to try new things –   Thanks gang!

Pedal to the Metal…

So…there was a little more to Silverstar than what I posted back in July.  However…I really hadn’t fully wrapped my head around what happened and what it meant.

So… within about three hours of spraying champagne in peoples faces I managed to break my clavicle and rip open my shin quite nicely.  Nicely enough I required surgery.  We called an ambulance to take me into Vernon where they hooked me up with the good stuff…water and morphine…and took a few xrays exposing a truth I would deny.  There may have been some tap dancing, some trash talking and a new found love for the pee pan.

D’Arcy and LT…I love you so much for this.

In the end they gave me a few pink pills and encouraged me to hit my hometown hospital as it was a little bigger than just a break.  So…away I went.

I’m pretty sure that’s broken.

Bryson and Adriano dragged my ass home the next day as I dry heaved, sighed, made dinosaur like noises and slept like it was my day job.  I’m also pretty sure I took up the WHOLE truck…and there wasn’t a whole lot of truck either (Sorry guys…I owe you a high five when I can give one).

That magical stuff they put into my arm made life A okay!

When we got back on Monday evening my loving roommate took me to VGH where they took some more Xrays and suggested surgery to put that bad boy back where it belonged.  So some more cocktails and a push of morphine and I was on my way….Surgery was to happen Tuesday morning…then it was cancelled…so Wednesday morning….then it was cancelled.  They held me over night and first thing Thursday I went in.  I’ve never been under before so I was terrified.  Was I going to wake up?  How did they know I was asleep?  Clearly I’ve watched too much Grey’s Anatomy, ER and Chicago Hope. They whisked me to the operating room that looked like a scene from an Alien movie – Fire in the sky anyone?  That made going under even more difficult…with all the drugs in me my mind was doing some crazy ass shit.  Who were these people?!

This fine fine lady is pretty grand – thanks for putting up with me, making me pudding and prune juice pops and washing my hair.

Anyways…I was assured that I was safe and they knocked me out quickly…I think it was to shut me up…good on them.  Well…I woke up (thank goodness) I asked my anesthesiologist for a fist pound (good job for getting me under and then back up!).  I hit the recovery room, got more morphine (that shits good) and was off to my ward for some pudding and visitors.

Modern medicine and a permanent chip on my left shoulder.

It was quite the journey but I’m on my feet again and about 15 days away from getting back on the ol’ steed! A big thanks to all my sponsors, friends and family for all their kind words and support during a somewhat bummer of a time.

This guy took damn good care of me.  I’m not sure I would have made it through those first few weeks with such grace and ease without him.  He put up with my grumpiness, hallucinations, and complete disdain for anything that was not a pudding pop or Community (Chevy Chase what?!). Thanks for being the bestest person EVER!

That all said…I did sneak in a few races while I was still broken…in doing so I managed to take the Overall BC Cup Series win and the Provincial Champ title.  I did Mt. Washington which was epic, but the Monster Mile always is.  I put down my 2 mandatory practice runs and a race run…I was so stoked to be on the bike that I forgot about my clavicle and ate dust on my “race” run.  After a little shake off, an examination of the shoulder and a pep talk, I got back on the bike and pulled things back reminding myself this was not a race, but merely a ride to the bottom…my goal was to finish, and finish I did.

We love bikes!

Hemlock was a little more chaotic as I squeezed in a practice lap early Saturday morning, a wedding Saturday afternoon and evening, and a practice lap Sunday morning.  I remembered to keep calm, ride safe and have fun…and that I did.  I had a clean safe run, which was all I needed to take the overall.

Course Walkin’ with V-Tron and Jer Jer.

Again, A BIG SHOUT OUT to all the people that lent me equipment (even though they should not have enabled me like that), my friends, family, supporters, sponsors, race organizers, volunteer’s, and the commissaries (for understanding my situation and giving a little extra time between me and the Elite men).  I had an incredible year and am stoked to be getting back on in only a few short weeks!

Until next time folks….

Gettin’ Some…

So I planned on getting something out a little sooner…like last week sooner.  However, something came up that made getting to this post a little more difficult.  I’ll save that story for later post though…

A few weeks ago I went to Penticton for work as we were inducting a few incredible people into the Cycling BC Hall of Fame.  It also happened to be the Valley First Granfondo.  We got in early on Saturday to set up which left us with some beach time. Having grown up in Northern Ontario I LOVE fresh water…clean fresh water, none of this Lake Ontario fresh water shit. The temperatures were nearing 40 that day so it was a damn good thing we were close to water…because a hot tmo is a slightly irate and upset tmo.

Oh…and I met Raphael while I was in Penticton.  Yeah…Hero’s in a half shell, TURTLE POWER!  No big deal :)


On July 14/15 I headed to Sunpeaks for BC Cup #3.  It was a fun track, the upper section had some loose chutes and berms and a straight-away down some fire road and then into

Getting loosey goosey

some more fast berms, traversing some ski runs.   The lower section put you in the woods with an awesome huck to flat into a corner requiring serious ninja moves and then some more wide open fast stuff.

I had a lot of fun on this track as it was pretty straightforward, minus the ninja corner in the woods – it looked like everyone felt this way about the track too!  Race day was pretty good….I made my usual fatal mistake of making some last minute changes to my race run before dropping…I swear it’s the last time….for cerealz.  I had a great weekend with sunshine in the day and some badass thunder and lightening storms in the evening, lots of hot tubbing and some tasty tasty dinners.

Gettin' Some Box @ Sunpeaks

The following weekend we headed to Silverstar for BC Cup #4.  It was a pretty gnarly drive with lightening, thunder and torrential ran across the Coquihalla…come to think of it I have drivent that highway more times this year than I have fingers and every time it’s been crazy town weather.  Anyways, we arrived just in time to get into registration and give Sexley a hand at the Reg table shake a few hands, give a few hugs and meet some new people before heading to our abode for some grub and a hot tub.  I also snuck in a course walk with my good friend Hugo…and this got me stoked.  This track was SICK.  It was a bag of tricks, it had everything, steep, loose, technical, rocks, roots, jumps, drops, ninja moves, flat corners and a little bit of pedalling.

Cruisin' through the flat corners

Practice day went well banging out some solid laps with a few different people, trying different lines and then a course walk to wrap up with day with Corey from C4 Racing that reaffirmed many of the lines I was taking.  Race day I put in two warm up laps and a short course walk to check out a few things and clear my head.  My race run was incredible, except for near the end where I forced a turn and almost went out the front the door (Rob Warner what!) but managed to regain control and only suffered some badass tire burn on my butt.  I got the hot seat and held it till the end…my first winning as a Pro.  I was pretty darn stoked as I felt I had the best race weekend so far…no more last minute race run changes and followed my script (thanks Mr. Bryson).

That champagne spray was the greatest feeling ever....Thanks LT!

A big thanks to all my sponsors, supporters, friends and family for all their support and encouragement this season!

Until next time folks…

I love ducks soooo much

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches

Da Beach is dat way

I just returned from a week long vacation on Hornby Island.  If you’ve never been…you need to.  It’s got some incredible single track – fast, flowy, and ALWAYS tacky as hell.

Fast and flowy down "The Way"


They’ve also got a fun pump track at Joe Kings Ball park (rumour has it they’re going to be building a 15 ft. start ramp…boo ya!) and some fine, fine beaches! Needless to say I was on my bike everyday riding Mount Geoffrey and enjoying every second of it!


Last Tuesday I headed out to Bear Mountain with a group of ladies to check out the Bear track as it had seen some recent work and I wanted to check out the jumps. The track was looking fast with some buffed out jumps and some fast smooth berms.  Having “gently” cased most of the gap jumps I was feeling okay about the race as my pace was definitely going to be quicker (so I thought) helping me get my nose over the tranny.

Gettin' my drawin' on

I decided to give the track a walk Friday night to get a better look at some of the technical sections so I could go into practice Saturday morning with a few lines in mind. However…as I made my way to the bottom of the track the rain began to settle in and this meant everything was about to change.

Just a little mud

      It was tough work with the peanut butter conditions – pedalling and pumping to try and carry speed through the technical sections and over the jumps left my arms feeling a litte prematurely pumped so I decided to call it a day after 3 practice laps.

Sunday was no different than Saturday…”shit-icanne” to the max.  I snuck in two practice

Shorty and Tmo

laps with fellow Pro Rider Katherine Short which was a real treat.  We shared some lines and a few yip’s and yeehaw’s along the way!  I was pretty happy with my last lap having nailed all my lines and sorted out my shifting given the changing course conditions.

I wasn’t overly stoked on my race run as I had a small crash at the top of the course that cost me a few seconds.  I tapped the rear break a little too much and lost my rear wheel on a slab going into the first rocky corner.  I managed to scramble back on, find my footing and giver’  for the rest of the track trying to gain as much time as possible back. I didn’t hit all my lines – though some of this was on purpose as the track was pretty chewed out by the time we came through!  


All in all, it was a great weekend despite the rain and mud (it was like PB & J sandwiches…sticky and sweet!).  I did manage to find my way onto the podium in third place, placing me second overall in the BC Cup standings!

Photo: Stephen McCabe






I’m learning something new every race and am stoked to build off this past weekend and get ready for the next one in Sunpeaks on July 14 and 15th!

  BIG thanks to all my sponsors and supporters out there!

Third Place Finish




I really bike you…like alot.

I really like bikes…like alot.  I think that if it was normal to marry a “thing” the “thing” I would marry (because when we grow up we all have to get married – right?!) would be my bikes.  Yup…I said it…BIKES…plural…kinky.  I know I’m not alone with this feeling either, but I may be one of the few willing to let my true feelings out on zee interweb. I want the world to know…I love bikes.  Alright…I’ve been wanting to get that off my chest.

Game Face

Since Race the Ranch I’ve been spending a few days a week in the gym gettin’ jacked (so I can lift my bike into the truck or North Shore Rack), shuttlin’ with the Wednesday night crew on…well Wednesday nights and riding with a motley crew of kids on the weekend.

Tearin' Boogie Man a new one!

I’ve also managed to sneak into my busy schedule one other race – The Sunshine Coaster! This is where most things have begun for me.  A few years back my riding buddies told me I should check out this race.  I hesitantly agreed…signed myself up (so I wouldn’t back down)..and I’ve never looked back!

Credit: Steven McCabe 2012

The track is smooth, bermy, pedally and full of yips and yahoos.  I had some solid training runs – not worrying about too much except the awkward pedally sections (an when I saw awkward I mean like teenage boy asking an older girl to a dance awkward).  I had a pretty good race run I was ridiculously excited for my race run and this excitement transferred into a few minor mistakes that cost me a few seconds in the end.  Lesson learned – stick to the game plan that you set out.  I did manage to shake 30 seconds off my time from last year and find myself placed in the middle of the pack (5th) behind some World Cup rippers, not too shabby I’d say.

Credit: Paul Hodgson 2012

I’ve also had the pleasure of joining the Cycling BC Junior Road team on a few road trips down to Washington for some Stage Races.  This past weekend I hung out in Enumclaw, WA and had the privilege of watching our Junior Boys team sweep the Road Race podium and one of our younger Junior boys taking the overall GC for the Cat 3 men – congrats team.

Tara the Soigneur...perhaps a new calling?

I’m pretty stoked on some of the experiences I’ve had this year and am stoked on my growing love, passion and dedication for bikes.  Cycling is broken into a multitude of disciplines…and some of us like lycra, some of us like skinny white jeans, and some of us like some loose casual fitting shorts…and sometimes we take jabs at each others chosen discipline.  However, in the end we all love bikes….so lets be friends.

There are no races on my schedule until BC Cup Numero Deux (Bear Mtn.) on July 1st, followed by Nationals in Quebec on July 8th….and the list goes on and on and on (check out my race schedule & results page for the full schedule) !

Until next time friends…

Where’s the Gas Yo?

© Stephen Exley 2012

It’s finally here! Having spent most of the winter on my bike, race season could not have come soon enough.  The giddiness I felt as I packed up for Kamloops last Friday was similar to the feelings I had cruisin’ down the highway back in da’ day on my way to summer camp. And…this got me thinking, the BC Circuit is like summer camp!  Seeing all the old faces again – plenty of high fives, smiles, beers (hydration is key) and kind words were had! Race the Ranch had a killer turnout (300 riders) with a solid showing of the ladies and the U17′s…watch out!

© Clayton Racicot 2012

So…last Friday Jay Louden (from Loudenterprise) and I hit the road around lunchtime with Timmy’ Ho’s in hand, sunnies on (even though it was cloudy…whats a road trip without sunnies on?!) and the tunes cranked.

We were stoked to hit the road and boy did we hit it hard.  Half way through the Coquihalla I pointed out to Jay that I hadn’t seen the “this is the last chance for you to get gas yo” sign.  Uh oh…in our stokedness to hit the road we forgot one thing – zee gasoline (though it doesn’t actually use uses diesel).  So Jay pulled out “Lola” our trusty Spanish GPS device to tell us when we would hit the nearest gas station – 86km….and we our fancy gas-o-meter told us we had 74km left in the tank.  No problem…there’s at least a 25km reserve is this bad boy – what kind of person would design something that accurate?!  So to be on the safe side we threw the rancher into Neutral for a few hills and as we hit the 8km mark the Rancher and Lola were matching at 8km give or take a few hundred meters.  Phewf…no DH highway riding for us!  As we pulled off the highway and hit the 0km mark, a little prematurely I’d say (we had 25km right?!), the engine started to suck…oh emm geee.  We managed to sneak into the gas station by synchronously moving back and forth – literally humping the truck into the gas station and around to the single diesel pump when it gave up.  Thank goodness those fuel hoses are long!  So..the lesson here folks is that someone did design the gas-o-meter in the king rancher’s to be relatively accurate – who would’ve thought Ford would get something right?! I’ve now fitted the truck with a sticky note reminding me to check myself before I wreck myself..or at least end up stranded on the Coquihalla!

Ash and me talkin' shop during practice

I had the pleasure of staying with 3 good friends at the Roach…errr…Ranchland Motel. We were less than 5 minutes to the race site which is always a treat when the mornings come sooner than you’d hope.  On the Friday afternoon after grabbin’ my plate I found a lift up to Rio to bang a few laps.  Holy Macaronni and cheese….if you haven’t done it…DOOO IT!

© Stephen McCabe 2012

This was my first time at the Ranch and a blast it was…the sun was out in FULL force too. A nice change from Raincouver that’s for sure.  I had some great training runs and my race run was pretty good.  I made two mistakes at the top of my run in the third and fourth rock garden.  I got on the gas after the rocky gnar corner making sure I was on the pedals and “white knuckling” as much as possible!  In the end, I did find my way onto the podium – what a great way to start the year off.  Hopefully they’re a few more to come!

© Jon Anthony 2012

A big shout out to Mansauce, CCN and Ride On for all their support!  A big thanks to the race organizer (Henry), all the volunteers, commissaires, the cheering sections, the racers and of course my friends for helping me keep my chin up and my eyes on the prize!

Until next time friends….

The “Off” Season

Howdy Hey.  So what an off season it’s been!  From the broken ribs and gouged shins in my one and only 4X race (so far – next year is redemption) to the sudden and incredibly painful onset of tendonitis in my right wrist which left me in a half cast for a week and unable to play bike for three weeks – I’m ready for this “off” season to be over and the “on” season to begin!

So…I think I’ve managed to get most of my injuries (knock, knock, knock) out of the way this winter leaving me in the clear (knock, knock, knock – I swear I’m not superstitious) for whats going to be another incredible summer! Man oh man, I love summer!  Birds, Burgers, Bikes, Bikinis, Bocce, Bananas, Beer, Baddass Scars, Bonfires, Blown Tubes, Big Balls….I think you get the picture – that I’m pretty much the best at alliteration.

Anyways…I’m stoked for the upcoming season.  We’ve got 8 races on the BC Cup Circuit this year and a Canada Cup.  I plan to make it to at least 6 races plus the Canada Cup (assuming my finances stay relatively in check – I might have to give up my extreme addiction to feeding the birds…it’s a pricey habit folks but they’re the sweetest things in the whole wide world). I’ve spent a solid portion of the winter on mon bicyclette and have fallen in love with Winter riding.  I’m going to have to come out and say that it’s right up there with Hero Dirt, tacky as hell, refreshing as a cold beer on a +35 day, and oh so forgiving (except for the ice, but riding on ice is just asking for it).  I’ve also spent quite a bit of time in the gym this season and have been power cleaning and chest to barring my ass of at my new hangout – CrossFit Kitsilano.  If you’ve never tried CrossFit, I Double Dog dare you to give it a go.  In fact I double dog dare you so hard that I’ll get you a free intro class – just send me an email and we’ll get you sorted out!


I also do more than just bike…crazy I know.  I recently attended WinterBike. A killer party thrown by the CCN crew to show their appreciation to the people that help make the bike community what it is.  I had the opportunity to present the Cycling BC Elite Championship Awards and got to share the stage with Dave Norona, which was a real treat.  I had some pre-show jitters, but Mr. Norona filled my head with nothing but positive things – thanks buddeh.

And…of course I’ll leave you with a few of my other favorite things….Bread making, weaving, sushi making, playing in the foggy snow, and monster truck shows!

Until next time folks….

The Lovely Laok

Mid-day on Elliot Lake

I headed home (Elliot Lake, ON) mid-December to spend time with family and friends for the holidays. If there’s one thing I can count on Home for its a guaranteed good time.  I spent most of my time shovelling driveways, playing pond hockey, ice fishing, hiking, eating tons of deer, grouse and fish, and of course partying my pants off (not literally…).  If there’s one thing we can do in Elliot it’s party like it’s 1999…even when it’s not.

Pond hockey at its finest...Keg Cup '11

3 lb. Splake






Catching this beaut of a fish was a definite highlight for me!  Major, Dan, Marco and myself headed out to a top secret lake just a short drive down the highway for a few hours on the ice.  It was pretty mild out and the sky was overcast – perfect fish catching weather I thought.  If I remember correctly, we were all pretty damn hungover, and getting onto the ice at 2:30pm is a testament to the level of our hangovers.  I was feeling optimistic about the fish we were about to lay our hands one, the boys weren’t so optimistic….turns out optimism trumps all, I pulled this beauty out (the only fish of the day).

Thoughtful wine tasting...

That's a bobsleigh outfit from the 80' cerealz!








I love the Laok and I hope to one day return there and somehow someway lay down some roots.  It’s a damn special place filled with some damn special people.  We might speak le franglais, shit talk, cuss, and carry crow bars in our trunk…but for the most part we’re the most down to earth, kind hearted, and generous people you’ll ever meet.

Until next time...

A Dip and a Do

Have you ever given 4X (pronounced four-cross) a go?  Man oh man oh man – FUN.  I decided to give 4X a go to try and work on my cornering and overall bike handling skills (you know the ol’ back to the basics mantra).  Anyways, I made it out to the first practice feeling a little anxious about giving a new sport a try without any friends around…until I stepped into the building and was welcomed by HUGE smiles and familiar faces.  I had my ass handed to me that day that’s for sure.  I can’t remember the last time I wanted to puke because I was so tired…what an incredible feeling (maybe not in the moment…but upon reflection).  I was stoked to come out for the race day…my start gate technique sucked, my cornering was alright, my pumping…well I felt cool doing it (that counts for something right?), and my pedaling through the short flat sections seemed like my only hope in doing alright for the race.

That's alot of pumpin'

Race Day!  I ended up grabbing a ride with good friends Dan and Dan (thanks boys) and was able to get some technique and strategy tips from them on the way.  I ended up having a solid night winning almost every moto and going into finals with the first lane choice…I pick 3!  I was feeling pretty good at this point, my start gate was getting better, my pumping and pedaling was…well hanging in there, and my cornering was about to get better, I thought.  Into the first corner Paula and I hooked bars and battled to get out alive.  She ended up going down at the end of the berm and I kept moving….until her bike slid into mine taking me out and lawn darting me into the take off of the table.  BAM!  I was pretty shaken up taking the brunt of the hit with my head (thank goodness my new fashionable helmet is also functional) and right shoulder…and my shin was pretty sore too…a VERY familiar feeling.

Fancy and Functional (who knew...)

After dusting myself off, heading to the washroom to check out the familiar shin pain, collecting my free bag of 5 cent candies (I bargained with the canteen lady…they didn’t have ice for my back…so I said a free bag of 5 cent candies was a close second), I decided it would be a great idea to check out the ol’ hospital for a brain check and shin stitch (pins n’ shins what!).

So it looks like my leg modelling career is over...shucks.

All in all I’m okay…my 3 stitches were just removed and I am now working with Deanna at Seva Physiotherapy to get my sprained chest and back in working order for the new year!

Thanks for reading and until next time friends….

These are my favorite...



A Fork Fixin’ Good Time

It’s been a terrific few weeks since my last post.  I’ve managed to spend every weekend since the wild wild America trip on my bike.  And…a lucky girl I am for it.  I was also in denial that winter was upon us and spending time with my bike made me feel like it was still summer (don’t go twisting my words and say I’m hatin’ on winter…because I LOVE winter!).

So…bikes….life…eh.  I started a new job working for Cycling BC which is pretty exciting.  It’s been great (I think) for the CBC team to have a “racer” in the office giving them a new perspective on things.  I’m also excited about getting CBC a little more involved in the community so people have a better understanding of what they are…and aren’t.  It’s also convienent because I feel as though skippin’ out of work early for a bike ride will never be frowned upon :) .  Anyways…on with the bike adventures we go….

I’ve managed to sneak in teaching a few bike maintenance courses with the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition this month – man I love sharing my love for bikes with people!

I’ve also got a brand new setup on my bike from SuspensionWerx – Thanks James!  I traded the ol’ Boxxer for a friend’s Fox 40, and WOAH…now I know why people say “Brraaapp”, I can’t believe how great it feels in the fast and the gnar.  Arthur (who just started Suspension Therapy) helped me lower my front end a bit so my shorter body can be a little more aggressive on the bike….Grrrrrr.

James fixing my "1/4 past tight" oppsy!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time with an old friend called Cypress Mt.  Have you met before?  It’s seen a lot of work this year by some magical trail fairies…THANKS for all your magicalness (and hard work)!  I also managed to make it out to the Sunshine Coast for the 3rd annual Super B put on by the B-Team.  If you haven’t checked this out…make it a to do item for 2012.  Man they’re a great crew.  We slayed HWY 102 in the snowy sleet (with the Coastal Crew blazing trail for us of course) and managed to sneak in a few pints and a few swigs of the ol’ Fireball to warm the soul before wrapping up the wet and cold afternoon with a quick Blacktower rip.  We then headed to Ray’s for some pizza, spaghetti, RIBS, a private “From the Inside Out” screening, beers, and did I mention a damn good time?  Thanks B-Team…tmo loves you!

Droppin' in for some HWY 102 action


So…that’s that.  I’ve got some more stories up my sleeves…but you’ll just have to wait a few more days.  I know…it’s going to be tough.  But you can do it.